We search for the development of activities in safe environments. Our constant concern relies in the search of solution in every activities specially in those with a public affluent.

Loss prevention service for companies

  • Security and risk management diagnoses.
  • Improvement plan development.
  • Support in everything related to loss prevention in own personnel as well as third party personnel.
  • Asses to comply with the actual legislation as well with the requirements for fiscalization and control organisms.
  • Elaborate and implement evacuation plans.
  • Improve loss prevention through functional and structure improvements.
  • We dictate specific courses to our employees as well as to private companies: necessity identification, program elaboration, e-learning, inductive courses, courses to contratists.
  • RCP courses.
  • Accident investigation and work related illnesses.
  • Elaborate risk free procedures.
  • Fire charge study.
  • Develop loss prevention manuals.
  • Develop loss prevention programs and construction notifications.
  • We give the loss prevention service for private companies.
  • Elaborate and present evacuation plans in civil defense for private companies.
  • Confect Risk maps.
  • Ergonomic studies.
  • Asses in the renovation and negotiation with the ART.