RV & Associates is leaded conducted  by Rafael C. Vodovosoff; Industrial Engineer from ITBA university, graduated in1979 and specialized in Loss Prevention in Boston, MA, USA, 1995.

He also did a Master in Loss Prevention in the Alcalá University in Spain, 2005, and got his degree in Loss Prevention Technitian specialized in work environment risks, in the INFICOT, Madrid, 2005. He also worked in different companies from the private sector and also in the public area. He worked in the planning, construction and mounting stages of different projects as the paper processing facility for “Papelera del Tucumán” and the Nuclear station Atucha II. He was CEO from AUSA (Urban highways). He acted as independent consultor and risk analyst in the private sector and Loss prevention Engineer in Liberty Mutual, work insurance area. He was the head in charge of the Working environment fiscalization department. He also was assistant manager in the Program controlling area from the Loss Prevention National Department.


Rafael C. Vodovosoff coordinates a multidisciplinary team of over 30 Professionals that additionally to their personal experience, they have also developed in the Loss prevention National Department and other public organisms.